The Marijuana Initiative

The Massachusetts Prevention Alliance’s Marijuana Initiative addresses issues affecting the Commonwealth posed by efforts to legalize marijuana.  The Alliance educates residents on the unintended and unforeseen consequences of these policies, including increasing youth access, decreased perception of risk, and the bad precedent and health practice of approving medicine by political means, as opposed to scientific methods.

The Threat

In 2008, Massachusetts voters approved decriminalization of the possession of up to an ounce (up to 120 joints) of marijuana for personal use.  Under the law, possession by an individual results in  a fine of $100 plus mandatory education for minors.  Current efforts to further legalize marijuana use and expand its availability in Massachusetts, include;

  • Proposed legislation to legalize “medical marijuana” and make it available through state-sanctioned distribution centers
  • Proposed legislation to fully legalize marijuana
The Threat
The short and long-term effects of using marijuana are well documented:
  • Short-term effects include: cognitive dysfunction and impairment, increased risk of injuries, drugged driving.
  • Long-term effects include: impaired adolescent brain development, effects to the respiratory system, mental illness and addiction.
ANY efforts to increase and legalize the availability and use of marijuana will result in additional harms to our youth and communities.  States that have allowed the cultivation and sale of marijuana for “medicinal purposes” have experienced:
  • Increased use of marijuana by youths ages 12-25 – directly linked to increased availability
  • Decreased “perceived harm” of marijuana use, leading to increased use in youth ages 12-18
  • Increased drugged driving arrests
  • Increased crime – especially in states with sanctioned distribution centers, or “dispensaries”
Our Response
The Massachusetts Prevention Alliance monitors the progress of the marijuana legalization efforts, educates the community on issues surrounding legalization, and provides a space for concerned residents to address these issues. For more information or to become involved with the alliance email us at: